Icon Stretch Range

Every man needs to have a classic cut suit in his wardrobe and Studio Italia brings you just this with our iconic Icon Stretch three-piece attire. This suit style has been re-engineered by our talented design team with a new material to offer a suit which stretches and allows the flexibility for you to be comfortable in your best office wear.

Our tailoring is well-renowned in Australia and New Zealand for exceptional quality, personalised clothing and excellent style. Also, the versatility of our styles means the Icon Stretch can be worn in a professional or causal setting, ensuring you feel comfortable, smart and well-dressed throughout your entire day.

The Icon Stretch re-defines the men’s classic suit into a modern, unique look to compliment the body shape of modern men. The suit is available in a range of colours including black, navy and charcoal all of which have inter-changeable elements. As a universal slim fit, the jacket, pants and vest provide a good fit whilst the material makes this suit easy for you to move and feel comfortable. Sizes range from very small to very large, whilst the jackets are available in short, regular or long lengths.

Studio Italia is proud to be a distinguished tailoring for men’s modern clothing for over 30 years and continues to bring new ideas, concepts and designs to the market. The concept of the Icon Stretch Suit brings you the opportunity for you to find the perfect suit for your needs, whether than be with a particular colour jacket, vest or size of pants. Our suit and wider collections are now available at David Jones and several speciality stores across Australia and New Zealand.